Being an Adult for Xmas

It seems that the older I get, the more work the holidays are. Don’t get me wrong  I still enjoy them, but there is considerably more effort involved.

I’m one of those people who gets overly ambitious and then gets stressed about the extra work I made for myself. It’s a talent. I’ve been battling some health issues this last month so I’ve been really burnt out. What I want in my head doesn’t match what I want to actually do. If that makes sense.

Decorating the house has been one of the struggles. If it was just me and Russ I probably wouldn’t bother this year, but the kids love it. I remember living the christmas decorations as a child, and it only gets less and less magical the older they get. So the tree is up, and I’ve taken down most of the regular decor. Maybe I’ll get the holiday stuff up tonight.

Speaking of kids and christmas, one of my goals is to go through all their toys, reorganize them, and quietly remove some of them. This has to happen without them being there or they will get into everything and possible get upset over toys that are going away. My house is perpetually disorganized as is, so I think they don’t even realize all the toys they actually have. I had to tidy up and reorganize the living room to get the tree in and the girls have already found several toys I dug up and started playing with them again.

Gifts are a whole other can of worms. I had the brilliant idea to hand make a bunch of stuff  (nice things, I swear) and now that’s looming over me. I have a few done and one in the works. I restarted Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix so I have something to have on while I crochet. (Anyone else notice that you can mostly listen to that show and still follow along? That’s why it’s a good one for while you working on something else.) I keep missing the Tuesdays at petroglyph (pottery painting) and I was planning on making at least one more cookie plate and ornaments for the girls.

The other major gifting event is the gift card exchange on my side of the family. The catch is you’re supposed to wrap the gift card as creatively as possible. Which is a challenge I can’t resist. The last two years I’ve done crochet based wrapping. One card was inside a crocheted Chicken, and another was sewn into a false bottom of a crochet bag. I’m thinking I have to go non-yarn themes this year. I have a few concepts brewing, but nothing concrete yet. Unfortunately I can’t discuss them here until after Christmas because some of my relatives read this blog. Hi family! (NO HINTS FOR YOU!)

Sometime between now and christmas I need to make cookies, find out what I’m cooking for various events, make photo books (which are awesome but a huge PitA), and do 50 other things I can’t think of right now.

Oh! I have to try and keep up here and on youtube as well. I was trying to film today but was having backdrop and lighting issues. I did get a vlog done that I will hopefully post here tomorrow. Sharkie helped, sort of.

Ok guys, That’s it for today. Catch you here tomorrow!

My “helper.”

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