Blog Goals, Pokemon, High School Poetry and a Beauty Collab

That’s a whole lot of title for one blog post, isn’t it? It’s all relevant, I promise.

There are three things I have trying to accomplish with the Dustbath Beauty blog:

  1. Post more often
  2. Post more varied and interesting content
  3. Not use the blog as just a video dump for my Youtube channel (which is partly tied to goal #2)

Dustbath Beauty was originally intended to be a primarily beauty oriented blog. I had a separate blog (and youtube channel) for other types of posts. However I’ve found that trying to keep the two separate is more trouble than it’s worth and Dustbath Beauty has more active readers so it was easier to merge everything under that name. Plus I really like the name since it invokes my chinchillas. (which I need create more content about, because they are cute as hell) The online beauty community is really over saturated so instead of trying to compete just on that platform, I’d rather have one place where I show more aspects of my life as a whole.

Let’s move on to the more fun topics, starting with Pokemon.

Like many others, we’re hooked on Pokemon Go in this household. My oldest daughter has been hooked on the whole P genre (games and tv show) for awhile now, and my youngest is getting in on it too. Personally my favorite part is all the random places pokemon show up. Such as a Demi Lovato Concert. (don’t judge me) To amuse the girls I made a Pikachu plate at Petroglyph (ceramic painting store). It was intended to be a decoration, but my kids wanted to eat off it. Of course you can’t have two kids and one Pokemon plate, so by request I made a Vaporeon plate. Then it got decided that we needed plates for all the various element types and now I’m making a whole series of these plates. The latest of which is still being fired and is an Eevee, my youngest’s favorite.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The next two topics are based on recent videos I made for the Dustbath Youtube channel.

First we have an extremely random video that I decided to film on a whim after coming across one of my High School journals. I was cracking up while reading the things that were important to 15 year old me. And the poetry…. Oh the magnificently horrible poetry! I just had to share it. It’s good to be able to look back and laugh at yourself sometimes. Aside from being highly amusing, it gives a bit of perspective on where your life is now vs when you were a kid. Hopefully you’ll find entertaining too.

Finally, I wanted to post some actual beauty related content. I did a collab called, “Everybody Loves but Me” which is about beauty products that get a lot of hype, but didn’t work for me. It’s a collaboration with the Ladies Who Collab Facebook group, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a beauty group that actual supports each other and isn’t just a dump your content and leave scene. The link to the group is in the video’s description box.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this extremely varied post. I will try to keep posts simpler from here on out. I wanted this post to show the different types of content and format I intend to use going forward.

Have a wonderful day!



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