Nailed It!

Julia Graf – A youtube video guru, posted an instagram contest in one of her latest videos, and I decided to film my entry to be silly. As mentioned in the video, this is not meant to mock anyone but myself and my inability not to make a huge mess when attempting bolder, more complicated … More Nailed It!

It’s 1994!

I was messing around with makeup the other day and the way it came out reminded me of the way I sometimes wore it in Jr High. So I decided to vlog about it and it devolved into a ten minute, tangent heavy, story about being bored in metal shop and using the time to … More It’s 1994!

2014 Favorites Part One – Cosmetics and Bath Products

It’s a new year so naturally, it’s time to look back at the old year and reflect….. on all the awesome stuff I bought. LoL This video is about my favorite cosmetic and bath products for 2014. I also recorded some of the non-beauty favorites for the year, but it was getting way too long … More 2014 Favorites Part One – Cosmetics and Bath Products