SK-II RNA Power Essence Review and Bonus Vlog


Once again It has been awhile and this blog has been sadly neglected. However I am back with a skincare product review for you. Or, if you prefer, I am also posting a recently blog I filmed. It has hockey, toys, a chinchilla and my new corgi!

First, let’s get to the review.

As I have mentioned before I am a member of the website . They sent me the SK-II RNA Power Essence to review. The product is normally $195, which is beyond my usual skincare price point so I jumped at the chance to try it out. Overall it was a good product, but I had some issues with it and my skin type. I’ll explain more in the video.

I also go on random dinosaur tangents, so there’s the added entertainment factor.

And just for you’re viewing pleasure, my complete random, but hopefully fun, Vlog:

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