Holy $#@& It’s 2016 Already

Almost halfway through the first month of 2016 no less. I have been, well, not here. I totally crapped out on Holidalies, haven’t uploaded anything to Youtube in a month, and pretty much just fell off the face of the planet (internet wise). Yes, there are reasons. Some are legitimate, many more are basically laziness and burnout. I’m not even going to get into it because this will end up being a gigantic whining post and no one wants to read that.

I am a bit undecided on what I want to do next with Dustbath Beauty. I know that the internet beauty guru market is super saturated, and I’m wondering if I’m adding anything at all valuable or new to the mix. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to throw a pity party here, but if I’m going to take the time, effort and investment to push forward blogging and on youtube I want it to at least contribute something interesting. Does that make sense? I originally had a more general blog and channel (jolisblog), and six months in I split off to have a separate beauty channel. Then at the beginning of 2015 I recombined them because it was too confusing to do separate channels. I kept everything on DustBath Beauty because I’d accumulated a small following there, and to be honest, I love the name. I love the sound of it and that it invokes my chinchillas. So I do both beauty videos, random videos and vlogs on Dustbath Beauty now, but I worry that the name is a bit misleading.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe I just need to trust that an audience that likes the mix is out there and will find me eventually. Maybe they won’t and someday my kids will be searching the internet, find this page and feel vindicated in their opinion that they have a weird ass mom. (They’re not wrong, I’m odd and I own it.) I struggle with the decision of whether to throw any real money into advertising DustBath Beauty. I feel like I should have a really strong set of recent posts and videos up first so if people click through they’ll see my strengths right off the bat. The again, who knows if I’ll ever be happy enough with my current content to think it’s the right time. Is it like having kids? Where you have to just do it because the timing will never be perfect? Or do I need to be smarter about it?

Regardless of what I decide to do, the first step is getting my rear in gear. This post is jumping off point of sorts. I’m making myself put something up even if I’m not positive what I want it to be. I have a few videos recorded weeks ago that I need to edit and put up. Then I need to promote them instead of sitting around and waiting to see what happens. I have a few potential giveaways I can do, that I intended to do before the holidays. (New Year, new goodies, that work too, right?) I need to decide if I’m going to film any favorites videos, and soon because those should really be out in January. I’m on the fence. Does anyone here actually want to see those, either makeup related or geeky stuff?

I’m going to end this by throwing out a few questions for anyone inclined to give me some much appreciated feedback.

1- What type of videos and posts would you like to see on DustBath Beauty? Should I stick to makeup or branch out more?

2- If you’ve been following for awhile, what posts have you liked or want to see more of? Health? Vlogs? Chinchillas? Reviews?

3- Do you have the time, to listen to me whine? (ok, not really, but bonus points if you get the reference)

4- Here on the blog, would you rather see more in-depth posts, shorter one off type posts (aka: Sharkie/random pics, random thoughts) or a mix?

Thank you in advance for any feedback you are willing to provide. I hope to see you back very soon.


Visit Dustbath Beauty on social media:
FaceBook: https://goo.gl/PVN5G0 dustbath beauty
Instagram: https://instagram.com/dustbath_beauty




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