Chronic Pain Awareness: It’s Ok to Not Be Ok.


September is chronic pain awareness month, and since I suffer from a few chronic conditions myself, I wanted to take the time to talk about it a bit.

There is a lot of pressure on people with chronic pain to hide their condition or “keep a stiff upper lip.” To a degree, staying positive and not letting your pain get you down is important. However, it’s also important to give yourself a break and let your walls down every once in awhile.

Let’s be honest, Pain is an asshole. It doesn’t care what you want or need to do. It doesn’t care how much of your energy it saps. It demands to be felt and to be dealt with. When you suffer from chronic pain, the kind that never entirely goes away not matter how you treat it, it wears you down. It makes little things feel like huge undertakings. Yet many suffers push through on a daily basis because they don’t have a choice. It can sound brave, but when you’re down in it you’re not thinking about courage. You’re thinking about survival. How to get through the day with minimal difficulty. How to keep the pain from changing your personality. How to keep your head up and project an air of normalcy.

But you know what? It’s Ok if you need to drop everything and melt down once in awhile.

It’s ok to not be ok. Breaking down is not a sign of weakness, or a lack of character. It’s being human. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself feel all the frustration, hurt, and anger than come with chronic pain.

In this video I talk more about the idea of it being ok to not be ok. I talk about the reasons why and put it in context of my own experiences.

My hope is that this video will give comfort to fellow sufferers and maybe give them the permission they need to let themselves fall so that they can get back up. I hope that it also provides some perspective for those who haven’t walked in a chronic pain sufferers shoes. A little understanding from friends and family goes a long way.

Thanks everyone for watching and for your support.

If you found this video helpful or insightful, please consider sharing it with friends and family. These videos are very important to me because of the subject matter is so much a part of my life.


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