Color Pop Haul and Review: Super Shock Eyeshadows and Ultra Matte Lip Colors Swatches

IMG_1521Hello Everyone!

I recently hopped aboard the Color Pop Bandwagon and gave the brand a try.

Color Pop is know for it’s bright hued lip colors and for it’s eyeshadows which have a unique, almost mousse like texture.

I bought three of the Color Shock Eyeshadows:  Hustle – A Dark Matte Burgundy

Shark Bite – A Pearlized Golden Peach  &

Coconut – A Pearlized Deep Teal-Leaning Blue

I’ve had the chance to play with both Shark Bite and Hustle, both in a spotlight manner, where the pop of color is in the middle of the lid.

IMG_2007 IMG_1514

I like the color payoff, though it takes some building to get them to full intensity. You need to add the color, blend, add a little more color, blend some more…. you get the idea. The effects were really lovely once achieved.

I’m chomping at the bit to try that teal shade, but a good opportunity hasn’t come up yet. I’m hoping it will become a regular player in my Hockey makeup looks since my Sharks wear Teal. I’m always looking for different shades and formulations of the color so I can mix up my look game to game.

I also purchased four of the Ultra Matte Lip Colors. After my disappointment with being allergic to one of the ingredients in the NYX Liquid Lipsticks, I was eager to try another budget friendly brand.

The colors I got were: Bumble – A pink hued terra-cotta

Tulle – a deep vampy plum (this one dries so much darker than the color in the tube, it’s kind of nuts)

Lychee – A bright fuchsia leaning purple   &

Zipper -a rich, dark purple

Let’s see a few lip swatches: 1 is Bumble, 2 is Zipper, 3 is Tulle and 4 is Lychee


Zipper had the most trouble applying evenly of the bunch, but putting a gloss over it made it a lot smoother. Which is another plus, these lipsticks don’t break down with a gloss over them. My holy grail lip products, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes completely break down if you add a gloss or balm to them. Yes, I now they are MATTE and that’s kind of the point, but sometimes you just want the option of a little shine.

One of the downfalls of these lip colors is they don;t hold up to eating at all. I wore Tulle out to a steak dinner, and it not only came off, but wore off really unevenly, leaving some stained areas and some totally bare. Fortunately I had a tinted lip balm that was able to smooth it over and I didn’t have to walk out of the restaurant like that. So keep that in mind if you wear them out. Sometimes it’s best to remove lip color before eating anyway, particularly dark colors, but it good to know ahead of time if it will be necessary. I don’t see them causing any issues with sipping coffee or a cocktail.

Overall, I’m not sure whether I’d order from Color Pop again. I can’t use their regular lipstick stick because of allergies again. (Avocado is just an annoying allergy to deal with these days, it turns up everywhere!) I could be tempted for a truly unique color, but I have other bright eyeshadows that perform better so I’ll stick to those for now. I’ll keep an eye on them and see if anything jumps out at me.

As usual, I hope you enjoyed this post. For more pics and fun, visit Dustbath Beauty on social media:


See you again soon!



2 thoughts on “Color Pop Haul and Review: Super Shock Eyeshadows and Ultra Matte Lip Colors Swatches

    1. The products were all super pigmented. I suspect the reason I had a bit of trouble with the eyeshadow is I have somewhat oily eyelids. I have a hard time with Makeup Geeks foiled shadows too and everyone adores those.

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