Eyebrow Routine using NYX Eyebrow Gel

While wandering around the beauty community on social media, I came across multiple people asking how best to use the NYX Eyebrow Gel that comes in the little squeeze tube. Since it’s one of my current favorite brow products, I thought I’d go ahead and film how I use it.

Brow Gel in a tube is a different than most eyebrow products currently on the market. Pencil, Pot and Gel in a Mascara style are the most popular options. I think the this NYX gel is very similar to the brow mascara they sell in tube/wand format but perhaps a but more opaque. I apply it in a similar fashion as I would the potted brow products, but the gel is a bit thinner so it doesn’t get as intense as quickly.

The trickiest part to using eyebrow gel in a squeeze tube is how to get the product on a brush. I squeeze a tiny blob of the gel onto on of those postcard sized products ads that come with most online purchases. You could also use an actual makeup palette, but I don’t have one so I improvise. You could use the back of your hand as well, but it’s messier.

But enough chatting, on to the visuals!

Hope that helps answer any questions about to use a gel brow product.

I hope to be back soon with a full makeup tutorial. I’m still recovering from my back surgery. It’s been two weeks today. Obviously, I’m doing well enough to start editing and posting more, but I still tire fairly quickly and have to change positions often or I get a lot of pain. I have done two post op vlogs about my experiences so far, and I will link them here for anyone who is interested.

Post Surgery Vlog 1

Post Surgery Vlog 2

Thanks for watching!

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