July Boxycharm and Ipsy Playdate ( +Bonus Beauty Box 5 unboxing video)

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently jumped on the beauty sub box bandwagon. I’m currently receiving BoxyCharm and Ipsy, but I’m going to be getting Beauty Box Five and Glossy Box next month as well. My plan is to narrow it down to maybe two that I prefer and stick with those.

I thought instead of doing a traditional unboxing, it would be fun to film a video trying out the new products from my subscription boxes. Put them on my face and see what I think and how they work. You end up with something of an off the cuff makeup tutorial in the process.

Here’s the look I created in the video:


Let me know what you think about this type of video. Do you like it, or would you rather see a more traditional unboxing video each month? Or maybe a combo of both?

(Bonus: I just received my first Beauty Box 5 shipment, so I’m adding a quick unboxing video to this post!)

Thanks for watching!

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BB5 video:

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