New Video Series: Chronic Health and Pain Conditions

Hi guys,

So, I think I mentioned back in January that I wanted to do a series of health related videos. These are in addition to my regular content, not instead of. I still love playing with makeup and taking shameless selfies, but I’ve wanted to talk about the other side of my life as well.

I have two videos that are going up right now. The first is an intro video letting you know what the series is, as well as a quick overview of my own health issues. The second is a more specific video about some injections I had done to try and help with my lower back pain.

These videos are very personal for me. My goal is to be as authentic as possible in them so people can get an idea of what living with these health problems is like. I want to include some general chronic health topics as well, such as vacationing with chronic conditions, the challenge of living with invisible illnesses, and how health can effect your relationships.

Of of my main goals in doing this series is to open up conversations, and help raise awareness for these types of conditions by making them more personal. I think listening to a person actually relate their experiences has a bigger impact than reading a more generalized article on the topic.

So I hope you feel comfortable asking questions, or relating your own experiences. It would mean a lot to me if you could share these videos with friends and family so that I can reach more people.

Without further ado, here are the videos:

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