Purple Eye Makeup and Pink Hair (Garnier Color Styler)

It turns out that if you send an impulsive adult to the store with an impulsive child (who is also five, so double that does of impulse), they might come with pink hair dye.

It also turns out that said persons are myself and my daughter. Target is not a safe place for two goofballs hopped up on popcorn and Icees because we’d just been to the movies. We went in for hand soap and came out with glowstick glasses, Circus Animal cookies and pink hair dye. (garnier color styler in pink pop, to be precise)

We proceeded to giggle all the way home while eating the pink and white frosted critters. And we donned old t-shirts and slathered the pink liquid on our hair and waited for it to dry. Color wise, the results were great, but the product itself was less so and left my daughters hair full of tangles. If you’re on the dustbath beauty Facebook, you’ve probably already seen my video review of the dye, but I’ll link it below as well.

In the meantime, since my hair was so festively colored, I thought a more dramatic tutorial was in line. I ended up with a deep purple look, with a little extra sparkle for an added bonus.

Here’s a peek at the finished eye look:


And here’s the video for the full tutorial:

Hope you had as much fun watching the video as I did making it!

Here is the Color Styler Review if you missed it previously:

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