Chinchillin’ Tutorial with Shiro Cosmetics

Hey everyone!
Here is a tutorial based around a previous color of the month from Shiro Cosmetics: Chinchillin’

Um, hello. CHINCHILLIN’ !!! How could I not do a tutorial for a color based on a chinchilla.
Funny side note, this color is how I learned about the Shiro brand. A friend saw it and sent it to me because of the chinchilla. Now I’m obsessed!

Chinchillin’ is a pale cool lavender with pink sparkle. It’s fun to layer over different colored bases to see how changes it’s appearance.

The color is no longer available, but there are similar shades available. “Smell Ya Later” is very close, just lacks the pink sparkle, “Alkahestry” had blue sparkle instead of pink, and “Apparatus” is a shimmering lavender without contrasting sparkle.
Maybe if we get enough views/requests we can get it re-run. You never know!

At any rate you should check out the website if you haven’t already:

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Until then, hope to see you around.

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