Tri-tone Lip Color Tutorial w/ Lorac Alter Ego Lipsticks

Awhile ago I was messing around with the set of alter ego lipsticks I got at kohls, and ended up with this really fun trip-colered lip look. I watched and reviewed the colors in the set here:

I decided to recreate that look for you guys here. It’s a little weird trying to film a lip only tutorial, the camera is all kinds of in your face! I had fun though.


The real secret to a look like this is being willing to tweak it until you like it. You constantly have to clean up one color or intensify another. Lip colors don’t blend like eyeshadows do, they can get muddled really fast.

And whatever you do: DON’T PRESS YOUR LIPS TOGETHER!

Products used:
Lorac Alter Ego Matte Lipsticks in Vixen, Free Spirit and Seductress.
NYX wonder pencil in light
all the q-tips

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