What’s your Alter Ego? A review of Lorac Alter Ego matte lipsticks.

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been on a bit of a lip product kick in the last year. The obsession continues with the release of Lorac’s Alter Ego matte lipsticks.
I picked up a Khols exclusive set that contains 5 lipsticks for $35 so it averages to $7 each. Single Alter Ego shades sell for $16 each. So it’s a great value if you’re looking to add some punch to your lip wardrobe.


The colors in the set lean towards the brighter, more fun spectrum, with a bright pink, bright reddish coral, and purple. You also get a very wearable nude, and a deeper pink that should be flattering for a lot of people.

1- Duchess, a very flattering nude shade. And I have trouble finding nudes I like. This one has a lot of pinky beige tones in it.

2- Seductress, somewhat reddish coral and fairly bright. This is one that will stain your lips a bit, which can be good or bad depending on preference. Personally I like that a little color gets left behind if I eat something and don’t reapply right away. You can also tone down the brightness of the color by applying, wiping off, and putting a gloss over the stain.

3- Vixen, another mega bright pink that stains. I’m not sure I’d call it a neon shade but it pulls in that direction for sure.

4- CEO, a deepened brownish pink mauve toned lipstick. This is one of my favorite type of lip colors because it goes with a lot of looks and stands out without screaming, “look at me!” The name CEO is perfect because this is a great shade to wear to work and look polished. Not as bold as a red, but not trying to blend in either.

5- Free Spirit, this one is all about fun. Pink toned medium purple. Perhaps not an everyday option for some, but I dare you to be grumpy when wearing it.

Overall, I like this lipsticks. They are drier on application due to their matte texture, but weren’t drying on my lips nor felt uncomfortable to wear. They last well through a cup of coffee and a full morning at work. Seductress and Vixen stain so that gives them a bit of a longevity boost.

I’m toying with the idea of doing an alter ego makeup look/tutorial series with these. Though I’m sure half the other beauty bloggers out there are as well.

For now I’ll leave you with a final set of lip swatches. Enjoy!



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