Sephora Favorites: Draw the Line Giveaway

First of all congrats to the winner of the NYX lip giveaway!

Giveaway 3 is the Draw the Line eyeliner set from Sephora Favorites.
Lots of fun options for lining the eyes, and a great way to try out a variety of brands.

You also see me attempt to record applying liquid liner. I say attempt because my arm is blocking most of the application. You still get to see how I clean it up to fake being good at applying it. LoL

The details: You either have to be subscribed to this youtube channel and leave a comment, or you can visit the Facebook page for dustbath beauty and like it for an additional entry.

It came up on the last video that I didn’t specify if the contest is international, so I’m going to say yes, assuming there isn’t shipping restrictions affecting the prize I’m sending.

I’m excited to be seeing new faces here and I hope you stick around for future videos. I’ve had a lot of fun doing these giveaways and hope you find the coming content on my channel entertaining as well.

Instagram: dustbath_beauty


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