Quick makeup for videos or casual outings.


I was throwing on some makeup to do a video for my personal blog and thought I’d document what I used. It looks like a lot, but it only takes ten-ish minutes to apply. And minimal brushes. I can go brush crazy sometimes, so only using four is a big deal for me.


Here is all of what I used (minus lipstick because I almost forgot to put any on). The face is a BB Cream from Loreal, under eye concealer from Maybelline, and some pressed powder from Sephora. I use use a powder from Maybelline but I forgot it when we were taking family pictures and had to run into the mall to find something so I wouldn’t be shiny. I used the concealer as eye primer too. It’s the brightening shade, which is very pink. If I were doing full routine I’d use flesh toned too, but this was supposed to be quick and easy. No need for totally perfected skin all the time.
The blush is Benefits Dallas. It’s a really bronzed rose shade that can kinda act as both blush and bronzer if applied lightly. That’s one more step saved!



For they eyes I used a palette from Urban Decay. I used the two right most shadows for the lid (the peach tone) and brow highlight (the matte beige). For a bit of crease definition I just used the paler of the two blushes on the second bottom tier. It’s a very muted pink/brown. There’s a similar color in the Naked 3 palette, but I wanted to keep it to a single palette.

No liner today, though it would be easy to smudge any of the three darker colors along the lash line if you wanted it.
I used a sample of MakeUp Forever mascara that I got as birthday gift from Sephora. (They always suck me in with the sample sizes!) Just one coat to keep it simple and semi natural.

For the brows I used an ashy brown pencil from Rimmel. It has it’s own brush on the cap, so I didn’t have to drag a spoolie brush out just to tidy them.


To finish I added NYX Matte lipstick in Sierra. Of course I only remembered to add it after taking a few pics and wondering why I looked unfinished. So I took a pic with the tube since it didn’t make the other product picture.

Don’t I look excited. Yay lipstick!

That’s my quick makeup for videos or casual outings. I have an even more minimal look for some occasions. Let me know if you want a rundown of that too.

Until next time, have a wonderful day!


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