Providence Perfume Company Review

Here is a long overdue review of the products I bought from Providence Perfume Company.

Overall, I enjoyed the products I purchased, though the actual perfumes just didn’t last on me. They all tended to lean powdery, but it could just be my body chemistry.

First let’s have a rundown of teh perfumes I tried.

Eva Luna

I found this to be a very green scent at first with a quick fade into the frankincense and mimosa flower scents. Two hours in it was all but undetectable on me.

Tabac Citron

Classified as a unisex scent, I can see it working for men or women. It’s very green scent, but a wet green scent. Think rain somewhere with dense foliage. The lime stood out as well, adding a refreshing element. Three and half hours in it had mellowed to powdery, almost sweet scent, but still very faint on me.

Mousseline Pêche

The vanilla and peach stood out, though very soft. There was a strong underlying scent wihich I think was the vertiver. I like vertiver sometimes, but this particular one clashed with my body chemistry and was a bit unpleasant. (on some people vertiver can smell a bit like cat pee; on me it was super strong but was leaning in that direction)


I ordered several Bath and Body products as well. I went over most of them in the video, so I’ll just list the descriptions for you to check out.

Cucumber Green Tea Facial Mist

Gin and Tonic Shower Gel

Body Oil Sample Set

My favorite from the body oil scent was the Amber Cream.

The Orange Blossom scent was nice as well. Floral without being overpowering.


All right guys, that should do it for now! Hope you enjoyed the review.


2 thoughts on “Providence Perfume Company Review

  1. ME! I’M THE FRIEND! It’s shameful that you’re reviewing perfumes from a shop that I’ve haven’t visited yet, and it’s only 15 minutes from my house.

    1. Nah, I just got excited because, OMG NEW COMPANY! I have several stores I only shop from online even though they’re just down the street. (I live by a mall.)

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