Coming Soon

I’ve been dragging lately. I have a bunch of stuff ready to edit for both this and my personal site, but I haven’t had the energy to do it.

I did try out some perfumes from a small company that I’m thinking would be better as a blog post, rather than a video. I don’t find videos of people trying to describe scents terribly entertaining, and with my tendency to ramble I can’t see it going well.

I’ve been posting FoTDs (face of the day) on the Facebook page fairly frequently. It’s motivation to actual play with the ridiculous amount of makeup I’ve accumulated. It’s getting out of control. Ok, not really, but it’s certainly more than I’ve ever owned at once, and likely more than the average person keeps around.

So, I’m going to throw out the posts I hope to roll out in the next few weeks.

-Providence Perfumes review
-Beauty Bad Habits, and Cosmetic Quirkiness. (Since the FB crowd liked the idea.)
-NYX hauls and reviews
-A breakdown of lip products and how I use them. (Another FB request)

I have more ideas, but those are the ones I think I want to do first.

In the meantime, here is some of the stuff I’ve been posting on the Dusbath Beauty FB page. Pink hair! Goofy faces! Bonus shot of too much makeup!
Check it out here for more frequent fun:





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