Welcome to DustBath Beauty with Joli And Tullie!

Finally, I have the intro video ready to go!

It took some figuring out with regards to using a new video editing software, and some getting over of how much less forgiving the camcorder is compared to the ipad camera. But with a bit of fussing and a bit more of getting over myself; here we are.

I have a few bits of random information to share with you:

-Tullie’s stats: Beige male chinchilla, around 12 and half years old. I said 13 in the video but I was off by a few months.
He’s quite sedate in the video, which is not always normal with chinchillas. In his younger days you’d blink, and he’d be gone. These days he is much mellower and domesticated. He also had no idea why I was holding him up to some weird device and I think once he gets used to it, he’ll be more curious and active.

-I have four other chinchillas; Kiki (who was in the video), Celeste (my old lady who is nearing 20 years old), Trixie, and Nikki. They all may make guest appearances eventually. Except Nikki, she’s a special needs girl who has seizures. She’s sweet as can be, but get overstimulated really easily.

-I swear I will include something actually beauty related in the next post.

-In the meantime, I have set up a Facebook page for Dustbath Beauty; where I intend to post updates as well as face of the day and haul pictures. Right now these are all going on my personal page and I’ve been wanting to give them their own space where only those who were interested can see them.


I hope this post was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to doing more very soon!


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